Multifunction stainless steel evaporator

Multifunction stainless steel evaporator

Product Description


Multifunction Stainless Steel Evaporator is suitable for evaporation of the liquid material and recovery of the organic solvent in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical industry etc.
The equipment combines the external circulation heating system with the way of vacuum concentration together in order to enhance the evaporation speed and the concentration proportion can get above to 1.2.
The liquid material is concentrated in a vacuum condition and the finished material is homogeneous without pollution and the organic solvent also can be recovered. 
With the triple-effect coinstantaneous evaporation, the steam can be used sufficiently to save the energy consumption. Compare with the single-effect concentrator, the energy can be saved above 60% and it can concentrate liquid material coinstantaneous more than three different types.
The top of heater is with quick opening device so it is easy to clean. The equipment is with automatic draining system for easy operation in order to reduce labor intensity.

Equipped with PLC control system to control the temperature, pressure, feeding and discharging automatically.

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