Vacuum salt complete equipment

Vacuum salt complete equipment

Product Description

Product Application

Brief introduction: vacuum salt production is the process of brine evaporation, crystallizing, dehydration and drying to make the end salt.
The main process of vacuum salt production includes: the brine preparation and treatment process, the evaporation and crystallization process, dehydration and drying processes, packaging and warehousing process four processes.
Vacuum salt equipment line includes: atmospheric condenser, four effect evaporation system, conveyor, crusher, elevator, pre-heater, filter, centrifuge and drying machine, packing machine and etc.

For the capacity of the production line, we can produce based on customers' requirement. The capacity is 1-30ton/hour.

Main Features

Advantage of our production line:
1) It can make full use of excess heat to evaporate and extract.
2) The brine can be used directly during the production. It can decrease the crystallization process and dissolution process of salt factory. It improve the production efficiency, and it is advantageous to the mechanization of production.

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