Crushed washing refined salt production line
Crushed washing refined salt equipment line include: stainless steel elevator, mixer, conveyor, crusher, salt washing machine, iodize machine, centrifuge and drying machine, dust remover, packing machine and etc.For the capacity of the production line, we can produce based on customers' requirement. The capacity is 500kg-15ton/hour.
Vacuum salt complete equipment
Vacuum salt production is the process of brine evaporation, crystallizing, dehydration and drying to make the end salt.The main process of vacuum salt production includes: the brine preparation and treatment process, the evaporation and crystallization process, dehydration and drying processes, packaging and warehousing process four processes.We can produce based on customers' requirement. The capacity is 1-30ton/hour.
Multifunction stainless steel evaporator
Multifunction Stainless Steel Evaporator is suitable for evaporation of the liquid material and recovery of the organic solvent in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical industry etc. The equipment combines the external circulation heating system with the way of vacuum concentration together in order to enhance the evaporation speed and the concentration proportion can get above to 1.2.
Drum flaker
Drum flaker is used to make flakes from heated fluid to solid flakes through knife blade. The heated fluid is stuck on the revolving cooling roller and turn to solid then us adjustable knife blade to cut it into flakes. Thus completes the conversion of liquid to solid flake after cooling and then use knife blade, and it can also make flakes for the raw material which is converted from liquid to crystalline solid.
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Wuxi Rising Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the south suburb of Wuxi, beside. the beautiful Tai Lake scenic spots and Wuxi Jiangnan University. Our company cooperates sincerely Jiangnan University and other professional design institutes. We are a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and sales..
Advantages:Reliable, compact, efficient, intelligent
It has various kinds of technicians in technology, welding, production and quality control, as well as advanced production and testing equipments.
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Producing chemical equipment,salt processing machinery,pharmaceutical equipment, food and dye intermediates, and other special purpose equipment.
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